Top 5 Reasons to Love PaperPie Learning

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.”

– Barack Obama

PaperPie Learning provides fun, educational books and toys that keep children engaged and fuel their passion for learning. Learning should never be a bore or a chore. These resources make reading and learning fun! Here are the top 5 reasons to love PaperPie Learning.

1. Beautiful and interactive

Usborne and Kane Miller books feature beautiful illustrations that keep readers engaged and captivate their imagination. Characters and scenes are brought to life with beautiful illustrations. Complex concepts are demonstrated with detailed diagrams for easy comprehension. Interactive features such as lift-the-flaps, textured patches and sound facilitate physical engagement from readers to help them retain the information read.

2. High quality with 50% lifetime replacement

Our books are of very high quality. We offer several binding options including paperback, flexible hard, and hardcover bindings. The books have sturdy pages, flaps, and tabs to keep little fingers busy. Despite these great features, kids can still be tough on books, whether they are tugging on the pages, chewing on them, or even jumping on them. It is great to know that PaperPie offers lifetime replacement at 50% of the cost.

3. Fun, unique, and educational

These are the books that children love to read over, and over again. PaperPie offers fun, educational books that are great academic resources to supplement any curriculum. Their specially-developed phonics and learn-to-read collections are perfect for developing reading skills in younger children. Science, engineering, history, geography, and space exploration come to life with their internet-linked encyclopedia collections and fun academic reference books. They also have many beginner-level science books with interactive lift-the-flap features to introduce children to these concepts. Classical literatures are retold in modern language with beautiful illustrations so that younger audiences may be introduced to Shakespeare, among other authors. Having fun while reading keeps children engaged and wanting to learn more!

4. Books for every age and interest

It has been said that “variety is the spice of life!” PaperPie Learning has over 2000 titles in a wide range of categories, so there is something for every age and interest. Their bedtime stories for children feature wholesome values that entertain while encouraging good character development. Many of their books feature diverse characters from minority groups so that children can see themselves represented and learn about other cultures. The high-interest non-fiction titles introduce complex topics, such as space and the human body, to children in fun, bite-sized bits of information that are easy to digest and satisfy their curiosity.

5. Convenient to order online

In our modern world, we have become accustomed to the convenience of placing orders online and having items delivered to our home. PaperPie Learning, also offers this convenient option to their customers. You may order online from your couch, then receive your books on your doorstep a few days later. I have also found that it has become increasingly difficult to find good children’s books in brick-and-mortar stores and browsing a large online store can be a hit or miss sometimes. In addition to ordering online, you may also contact your consultant directly for personalized recommendations and general assistance with placing orders. This personal touch was especially appealing to me because I felt more confident when ordering my books since they were highly recommended.

These are only a few of the reasons that customers love PaperPie Learning but there are many others. If you have a reluctant reader or are looking to enhance your child’s academic journey, consider getting some educational books and toys from PaperPie Learning and you will see first-hand why children genuinely love them!