Ten Fun Books for Children from

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"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!"

- Margaret Fuller

Children need fun, interactive books to keep them engaged while reading. Here are 10 of my favorite fun books for younger children from Usborne Books & More.

That's not my bunny

This touchy-feely book is great for children as early as 9 months old. Kids love to touch the textures on each page, and learn new adjectives as you read. There are also other versions with different animals and objects.

Don't tickle the Lion!

This unique touchy-feely sound book will bring lots of giggles while promoting sensory development. As you touch the textures on each page, you will hear a variety of animal sounds. This series also includes other animals.

Are you there little tiger?

There are finger trails and cutouts in each page that reveal a body part that may be tiger's. However, as you turn the page your child learns that things may not always be as they seem. This series also features other animals.

Nibbles The Book Monster

As Nibbles eats his way through several fairytales, the outcome of each story is changed. This book is especially fun to read because the fairytales are included inside as mini-books! There is even a plush Nibbles toy you can purchase.

Muddle and Match Fairy Tales

This unique book features characters from popular fairytales on split pages. Each time you read, you can mix and match the flaps to create silly new characters. This book will boost your child's creativity and vocabulary!

Busy Helicopter Book

Join in the fun as the busy helicopter goes around to different places rescuing people who need help. A pull-back helicopter toy is included and each page has tracks on which it rolls! Available as a train, car, bug, and Santa's sleigh!

Under the Sea

Children will learn about different sea creatures in this sturdy lift-the-flap book as they go searching for Little Fish. Beautiful illustrations and flaps will keep children engaged and wanting to read this book over and over again.

Usborne Pop-Up Fairy Tales Sleeping Beauty

Read this classic fairytale in a whole new way with beautiful three-dimensional pop-ups on each page. Your child will be so fascinated they will not want to put this book down. Also available for other stories as well.

Usborne Farmyard Tales Poppy and Sam Complete Book of Farmyard Tales with CD

This unique dual-reader features simple text at the top of each page for early readers. More descriptive sentences are featured at the bottom of each page for the parent or more advanced readers. It also comes with narration on a CD!

My First Phonics Reading Library

This boxed set features 20 phonics books for early readers with fun titles such as "Croc Gets a Shock". Each book tells a funny story with lots of rhyming and phonic repetition to help your child develop strong reading skills.

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