Ten Fun Books for Older Children from

Usborne Books & More

"Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow!"

- Lawrence Clarke Powell

As children become more advanced readers, it is important that they maintain their love for leisure reading. Here are 10 fun books for older children from Usborne Books & More.

Shine-a-Light The Human Body

The Shine-a-Light series is one of our top sellers! This book is very engaging because children learn about the human body while using a flashlight to reveal hidden objects on each page. Also available for other subjects.

Usborne Illustrated Stories from Aesop

Aesop's stories are filled with humor about the escapades of various animals. More importantly, these stories teach moral lessons that encourage good character traits in children, such as kindness, and humility.

Lightning Girl

In this brand-new series, Aurora saves the day when she develops superpowers and defends her little sister. If your child loves superheroes, then this book will be a sure hit!

Axel & Beast The Grabbem Getaway

This action-packed series follows the adventures of a gamer Axel, and a superpowered robot Beast. These books feature diverse characters and a lot of very cool technologies. It is perfect for children who love gadgets.

Kensy and Max Breaking News

The suspense in this series about twins Kensy and Max will captivate any reader. They are whisked off to London, where they find themselves in strange situations and discover their parents are missing!

Forgotten Fairy Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls

This beautifully-illustrated book features eight fairytales where the princesses are the heroines who save the day! The princesses are brave and brilliant. This is a great book to inspire young girls and instill self confidence.

The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow

The Clockwork Sparrow series combine mystery, adventure and friendship as the reader follows the adventures of 14 year old Sophie. In this first book, she tries to clear her name after she is implicated in the theft of a priceless object!

The Adventures of Robin Hood

If your reader loves comics, then he or she will love the Usborne graphic novels! The action-packed classical tale of Robin Hood is retold with beautiful illustrations in comic-style that will keep your reader fully engaged.

The Mapmaker Chronicles

Adventure and danger await your reader in this action-packed trilogy. In this series, a young boy Quinn is commissioned by the king to create the first map of the world! On his mission, he runs into a stowaway girl and a sea monster!

The Usborne Complete Shakespeare

Young readers are introduced to the classic works of Shakespeare through this beautifully-illustrated book. The plays are re-written as stories in modern English so that children as young as 8 years old can understand.

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