Ten Fun Activity Books from

Usborne Books & More

"Any book that helps a child form a habit of reading, to make reading one of her deep and continuing needs, is good for her!"

- Maya Angelou

Activity books provide fun, interactive ways to keep children engaged as they foster a love of reading. Here are 10 fun activity books for children from Usborne Books & More.

A colorful book with lots of pictures for your child to paint with fingerprints from decorating turtles' shells to filling a vase with flowers. Seven colors are included in the ink pad for an easy fingerprinting paint session.

Another easy, mess-free painting option is the Usborne magic painting books. Simply dip the paint brush in water and watch as the vivid colors illustrate magical creatures such as unicorns and mermaids. Other themes available.

Re-discover the fun of making paper airplanes with this book. It features 100 paper spaceships to fold and fly. The detailed instructions and flying tips make this a fun way for children to learn about the power of different spaceships.

Children will discover new places around the world through this colorful activity book filled with unique mazes. They will go river rafting at Victoria Falls and stroll through the crowds at St. Mark's square in Venice.

This colorful picture book will captivate your little ones! It features over 4000 pictures to find, count and talk about. Your child will develop pre-reading and number skills as they search for rainforest animals and many other items.

A beautiful sticker book sure to captivate any little girl. It features over 400 reusable stickers to dress the ballerinas for their performances, decorate stages, backstage scenes and rehearsals. Available in princesses and other themes.

Your child should never be bored with over 100 pages of boredom-busting ideas to entertain themselves. Some of the activities include creating their own mini-magazine, photo tricks, pasta puzzles and many more!

Children will have fun while practicing addition and subtraction with this activity book. It features fun math puzzles and quick quizzes with colorful illustrations to keep them interested and engaged.

This scribble-in activity book will introduce your child to architecture. It features ideas to develop plans, design buildings, as well as paper models to build and test. Children will learn to think and draw like an architect.

Children will learn about science through fun, hands-on activities. These science experiments are a great introduction to concepts such as electricity and optical illusions. This book also has internet links with illustrative videos.

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