Ten Fun Educational Books for Children from

Usborne Books & More

"Creativity is intelligence having fun!"

- Albert Einstein

If one does not enjoy doing something, it will be a bore or a chore. Learning should be fun! Here are 10 fun educational books from Usborne Books & More.

I can do It!

This awesome must-see book features 5 fasteners with guided instructions. Your child will have fun practicing how to fasten a button, and tie their shoelaces! Your child will learn persistence through repeated practice.

Usborne Fingertrail abc

This is a really fun way for children to learn to say and write the alphabet. Each page features beautiful pictures, funny themes, and die-cut trails for each letter that your child can trace with their fingertips!

Usborne Lift-the-flap Grammer & Punctuation

Learning grammar has never been more fun! Children will lift one of the 125 flaps in this book to reveal silly phrases that keep them entertained as they form sentences and learn about parts of speech and punctuation.

Usborne Life-the-flap Adding & Subtracting

This book illustrates how essential Mathematics is to our everyday lives. Each page features cartoons of different scenarios where the characters have to perform addition or subtraction to resolve a problem.

Senor Roscoe on Vacation

Learn new Spanish words with Señor Roscoe as he goes on vacation. From packing his suitcase to riding around town, each page describes his activities in both English, and Spanish so children can follow along and learn easily!

The Usborne Big Book of the Body

This beautifully-illustrated book features four toddler-sized fold-out pages of the human body! Children will be fascinated as they learn how amazing the human body really is.

An Usborne Flap Book See Inside Germs

This Lift-the-flap book is a fun way to learn all about germs. Children will learn about good and bad bacteria, how a virus operates, and most importantly, how not to spread germs!

Usborne STEM Science Scribble Book

Children learn how to think like a scientist in this fun, hands-on science activity book. Scientific and engineering principles are demonstrated through interactive exercises that will keep children engaged as they learn.

An Usborne flap book See Inside Oceans

Children will explore the oceans through this beautifully-illustrated lift-the-flap book. They will learn learn about all sorts of ocean creatures and also how essential the ocean is to life on earth.

History Uncovered The U.S.A.

Learn the history of the U.S.A. with this unique atlas featuring die-cut pages. As your child reads about key events in the history of our nation, the cut-out map on each page reveals which states were added during that time.

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